Anjan Kanti Das’s Beware of Going to Europe!

Staff correspondent: sometimes Poland or Portugal sometimes or Canada! Green Tours and Travels is cheating on the lure of a lucrative job in such a wealthy country.

Anjan Kanti Das, the director of the company is located at Ramnagar Road in Bangaon, North 24 Parganas of Kolkata. He is known to everyone by the name of Apu. Many of the states of Bangladesh, Nepal and India have been deceived by the words of his mouth.

Anjan Kanti Das alias Apu himself has long been cheating on people with simple faith by creating fake offer letters and letters of appointment from different countries. In general people have traveled to several countries to load their own profile. As a result, he has the special advantage of cheating people.

Pashang Kazi, from Nepal, said in a wet voice that he had received millions of rupees from his promise to send him to any country in Europe for a long period of two years.

One of the victims, Nahid Mia, of Bangladesh, said that the Indian embezzlement amounted to Tk 4 lakh and thirty thousand rupees from Poland.

Besides, several hundred thousand taka have been taken from Jigger of Cox’s Bazar, Monir of Lakshmipur, Nasir of Kishoreganj and many others from Canada, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Azerbaijan.

The Green Tours and Travels does not have permission to send people to any country.

Anjan Kanti defends himself by bribing a large sum of money, though he was once arrested by police for trafficking.

The question becomes who is this Anjan Kanti? Where is his real home?

Although Anjanakanti introduced himself as an Indian, he is a real resident of Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Adibari Chittagong, father of Alok Baran Das. They still have their paternal vitae in Mymensingh.

Indian citizens make Bangladeshi intruders Indian citizens by showing the Bangladeshi opportunities and temptation to leave the country. In that case, he has been accused of making voter cards, PAN cards and Aadhaar cards in special quantities for Indian passports in exchange for a large number.

The local leader of Bangaon and the police station, with special powers, continue to carry out the crime.

At present, he is trying to move big money from Bangaon to Delhi.One of the reluctant to be named said that Anangan was studying at Mymensingh Polytechnic College in Bangladesh, but he was forced to leave the country after completing her studies due to feminine problems.

Until now, he could not send anyone to any country. It is alleged that many took money from Kolkata to Delhi and beat them there and feared they had received money from their relatives.

There have been two cases of cheating under the name of Anjan Kanti Das at Tangail Bhuapur and Chittagong’s Hat Hazari police station. He seeks the prey by revealing the masks and sweet words of a good man.The one who gives a foot to his trap will be trapped in smuggling. The dream of going to Europe will be a nightmare, and it will melt into the salt water.

So any of this with Anjan Kanti Das of Green Tours & Travels Victims urged everyone to be wary of any kind of financial transactions.



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